From sketches on a blank paper, our cities gain new shapes and volumes, becoming more beautiful and human. On the market since 1994, MarchettiBonetti+ stands out for contemporary, elegant and functional designs.


The team has highly skilled people among architects, designers, technicians and trainees working on Residential Architecture, Commercial Architecture, Interior Design and Construction Management.


Our portifolio features projects such as the Sofitel Hotel, P12 International Beach Club, the chain stores Formaplas and Portobello among other partnerships with real state investors. In 2007, together with 8 other offices from Santa Catarina, it received a prize at the Buenos Aires Architecture Biennial for the Pedra Branca Urban Design.


MB+ also participates in many architecture and design shows, such as Casa Cor Santa Catarina, Casa Cor Hotel Sao Paulo, Mostra Casa & Cia and Mostra B Gourmet.



Main clients:
Belmmen Propriety
Construtora Camargo Correa
Cena Construções e Incorporações
Cota Empreendimentos Imobiliários
Dimas Empreendimentos
Grupo Koerich
Habitatus Empreendimentos Imobiliários
Magno Martins Engenharia
Unique MCA Empreendimentos
Hotel Sofitel
Hotel Blue Tree Towers
Ibagy Imóveis
Pedra Pranca Cidade Sustentável
Portobello Shop
Rede de Lojas Formaplas
Restaurante Kanpai
Schaefer Yachts